Features and Benefits of Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

Features and Benefits of Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

The SCSS (Senior Citizen Savings Scheme), propelled in the year 2004, was an extensive hit as it gave better yields on the venture. It contains every one of the components that a senior resident speculator could request: fixed returns, invulnerability of capital and ordinary adjustments. Under the Section 80C, the Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme (SCSS) likewise gives tax breaks and untimely withdrawals. Lion’s share of the reserve funds of a senior resident are either stored in FDs or in other type of ventures. Despite the fact that these are the protected method for money through premium, they are in no way like the SCSS (safe and duty deductible).



The base age for section in this plan is 60 years. Be that as it may, this can be diminished to 55, if any individual chooses to resign intentionally. In any case, the VRS takers must open the record inside a month of getting their retirement benefits. Also, the entirety contributed can’t outperform the measure of the retirement corpus. Contributors who fit these requirements can open a record at any mail station or at assigned parts of 24 PSU banks and ICICI Bank.

Farthest point of Investment

An individual can’t store more than Rs.15 lakh in the SCSS and the speculations can be made in a few pieces of Rs1,000. An individual can open more than one record (with his mate) by choosing a shared service type. Be that as it may, the funding furthest reaches of Rs 15 lakh applies to all records in like manner. That is, an individual’s entire interest in SCSS can’t abuse the Rs 15-lakh legitimate cost.

Loan cost

The pace of enthusiasm of the SCSS is connected to the market and 100 premise centers around the 5-year government security income. The rate for the present money related year is 9.3%. A store of Rs.15 lakh will produce a month to month pay of Rs.11,625 (quarterly of Rs.34,875). At the point when a financial specialist secures in, the worth remains steady till the plan develops. The huge impact for speculators is that the plan is controlled by the legislature and offers guaranteed income. The solitary hazard is that the income could empty in future as security yield.

Intrigue Amount


The intrigue is taken care of each and every quarter on planned dates-the main working day of January, April, July and October. This is notwithstanding to whatever the venture date is. The quarterly benefits is advantageous for the retirees who require a relentless progression of salary for their day by day costs. Though, it probably won’t be helpful for the individuals who isn’t in quick need of such pay. Nonetheless, they lose the benefit of aggravating due to quarterly payouts.

Term and Foreclosure

The timeframe of the Senior Citizen Saving Schemes is of 5 years and could be delayed for a long time after the plan develops. In case of any difficulty, a contributor could abandon the record following a year. The punishment is of 1.5%, if the record is shut before the time of two years. Following 2 years, the relinquishment is 1%. There is no relinquishment for a record which is shut in the drawn out length after the compulsory five years.

Expense Policy

The expense arrangement of the SCSS is a blended idea for the speculators. Be that as it may, under Section 80C, the speculations are qualified for charge finding; the intrigue gained from the SCSS is completely assessable as salary. On the off chance that the pay surmounts Rs.10,000 in a money related year, at that point it is likewise exposed to TDS. This is a significant clash point for senior residents who probably won’t have assessable returns yet need to file their expense respect restore the overabundance TDS.

Advantages of Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

tax reductions

The Saving Scheme, assigned for people over 60 years old is a fortunate plan. It has the wellbeing rates for any administration sponsored venture item in India; this plan is tweaked to fit certain necessities of the speculation plan of disapproved of senior resident. The advantages of this approach are beneath:

Simplicity of Availability: At your nearby bank or mail station, round out a basic application structure and you are a great idea to go.

Dependable: This plan is supported by Indian Government and is strong and secure in all viewpoints.

Numerous Accounts: Either a solitary candidate or with a joint financial specialist (must be the life partner of the essential investor) , can open various SCSS accounts.

Income: At 8.6% every year, the benefits on your SCSS accounts are outstanding.

Adaptable Time Duration: This plan has residency of 5 years yet can be extended to include an additional 3 years. Subsequently, your plan fills in as either a long haul plan or a medium range speculation.

Tax collection: Under the Section 80C, Income Tax Act, 1961, the TDS can be spared.

Pick Investment: Per SCSS account, just a single venture is certify.

Documentation: KYC documentation that demonstrate your age. The archives that can be submitted are: Passport/Senior Citizen Card/Birth Certificate/Voter’s ID/PAN, and so forth.

Enthusiasm on Investment: The pace of enthusiasm of SCSS is 9.3%per annum.

Kind of Investment: You can make a speculation with money (if the sum is not as much as Rs. 1 Lakh) or by DD (Demand Draft) or check.

Candidates: You may have more than one chosen one.

In case the Depositor bites the dust before development, their Saving Scheme Account would be shut and the speculation would be discounted among with the enthusiasm to the candidate. On the off chance that there is no chosen one present, or on the off chance that the person in question has additionally terminated, at that point the discount would be given to the legitimate beneficiary of the financial specialist. On the off chance that the all out whole to be discounted is up to Rs.1 Lakh, at that point it will be paid off to the legitimate beneficiary when the individual presents the accompanying archives:

Sworn statement

Letter of Indemnity

Letter of disclaimer in sworn statement

A stepped paper including the passing endorsement of the financial specialist.

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